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Enviromental Media Association Newsletter April 2011

ReSurf Recyling

Green Foam Joey Santley, a surf industry veteran, believes that surfers are by nature environmentalists even though the surfing industry leaves a tremendous amount of toxic waste on a daily basis. In 2006, Joey founded, a non-profit dedicated to creating the best practices and awareness for dealing with the internal waste the surfing industry creates thereby extending the life of the material as far as possible. The foundation also focuses on educating children how to live more environmentally responsible lives.

Joey is determined to be a green leader in the $7 billion dollar surf industry and leave the world a better place for future generations. Hoping to help reduce landfill waste, Joey and his business partner Steve Cox founded the company Green Foam Blanks. Green Foam Blanks makes environmentally responsible surfboard blanks, forging new boards from the polyurethane waste of freshly made surfboards. "During our exploration and R&D efforts, Steve and I figured that the next logical step was to create a cradle to cradle recycling system for surfboard foam, since it makes up the majority of the waste pile we create," said Joey. Their innovation recently earned Green Foam the Environmental Product of The Year award from the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA).

And if that’s not enough, Joey recently created a pollution fighting superhero character, Kid Natural, who was born on Earth Day to Mother Earth and King Neptune. Because his parents were sick with pollution, Kid Natural was born with autism. Joey plans to market products, books, and cartoons with this character to raise awareness and understanding of the handicap. Says Joey, "My brother and my son have autism, so this is an issue close to my heart." Joey believes that if he can contribute to creating a better-greener-product while helping to raise consciousness about autism, he will reach true success. "I have learned more on this journey than any other in life and have found great joy and peace knowing that I am working on solutions rather than being part of the problem."

Earth Day Free For All: Eco Innovations For A New Era | TransWorld Business

Earth Day Free For All: Eco Innovations For A New Era TransWorld Business

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Nike 6.0 and HB Surf Team shape Green Foam "watch video"

Shaping Green Foam @ The 6.0 Motel No Tell

The Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell challenged the Huntington Beach High surf team to shape their own board from a Green Foam blank. The crew also got a tour or the Motel, enjoyed some BBQ and designed a tee in the Primo's Customization house. Thanks to Green...

Video from Sima Image Awards 2011